Problems with weeping? Here’s a short-term solution I use

When my skin is bad and flared on my face, I tend to get the dreaded weeping (also known as ‘wet eczema’). My cheeks all the way up to my temples, my upper lip, eyebrows and parts of my jawline are wet and weeping. This is one of the worst parts of my flare ups! It stays wet for hours and moisturising just seems to make it worse!

Over the years, I have found that going out into the fresh hair helps to reduce my weeping immediately, which is helpful when you’re going out somewhere! Having eczema alone is bad enough, but having your skin weep just makes it all the worse! It makes me feel self conscious. Though there are so many of us eczema sufferers out there, the majority of people still don’t understand what eczema is, what causes it, the fact that it isn’t something we can help or the fact that it isn’t contagious! Sometimes, people’s ignorance can really get me down as it just makes dealing with this that one step harder.

Anyway, I find that when I go out it is okay and it dries up. However, if I’m staying indoors I find that the weeping can go on for hours =/. I have tried to fan myself, blew my face with the hairdryer (which ultimately just dries my skin out!) and dabbed it try constantly. This really affects what I do when my skin is like this! Especially if I’m trying to study, I just can’t when every second I’m dabing at the wet patches.

So what I now do is use talcum powder. This product’s primary role is as a moisture absorber. By sucking up moisture from the surrounding area, talcum powder keeps the skin dry. This is exactly what weeping eczema needs! Something which absorbs the moisture and stops the wetness from spreading! Of course this can only really be done when you’re home, however, I have found this to be really helpful for stopping the wetness! Since it stops the weeping, it may also help reduce the chances of spreading the infection which are associated with the liquid getting into contact with clear skin found around the area, also dabbing the area with a tissue may spread it too. Its by no means a long-term solution and doesn’t really help to magically clear up the weeping, however, it definitely helps you feel more comfortable at the time! What I do to make it easier is place some talcum powder in a pepper shaker, this makes it really handy when using it!

23 Responses to “Problems with weeping? Here’s a short-term solution I use”
  1. Luke says:

    Hey, I’m a 19 years old boy just going on 20 and I used to have eczema when i was about maybe 8 or 9 and now guess what… its come back! But this time it was really bad, because it is on where your arms bend and at the back of the knees it made it really hard to walk and such. When I went to see my doctor he told me it was infected and gave me some antibiotics and some steroid cream for them both to be used within a month. After i completed the course it had cleared up a lot, but it’s gradually getting worse again :/ and i don’t know whether or not i should start putting the steroid cream on again or not! I also have a huge problem with weeping… I don’t know what to do when it does it, it just feels uncomfortable! I’m definitely in need of some desperate help and looking for any suggestions or tips anybody has, I’m pretty much willing to try anything to get rid of it now! Got a lads holiday coming up and don’t want to be the only person there not getting into a swimming suit because I’m too ashamed of my skin. :/ v

    And I just wanted to say that I found this blog brilliant, just based on the fact that I feel better knowing that there are people in the same situation as me and makes me confident that there will be someone out there who knows the answer to being cured of eczema haha!

    • Selina says:

      Hey Luke

      Sorry your eczema is being a pain :( do you find sun exposure helps to calm it down? Like for example I live in the UK and whenever I go abroad to a hot place the eczema clears dramatically.

      Mine like yours appeared as a child but disappeared and then came back all of a sudden when I was 16 it made life pretty hard until I left uni at 21. Not being able to wear short sleeve dresses like the other girls might seem small but for years it’s been tough hiding the eczema way so I get thr feelings about the holiday.

      What’s your current routine? You can reply to this or you can email me at Selina for a chat. I’m happy to look at your current routine and see if I can help? I’m just a sufferer myself though not a dr but I’m really managing to control my eczema right now and would be happy to support you to get a manageable routine.

      I know that’s what we all need! Mine isn’t perfect it’s still there but this summer will be the first in 8 years i will actually be able to show my arms and to me that’s amazing!

  2. Lovie says:

    Diluted apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle helps me immensely. It stings but then is not irritating at all. I’ve also begun eating chia seeds (I use it as an egg replacement in baking) and coconut (milk, meat and oil). Chia supposedly helps regulate sugars and carbs and coconut is good for antiinflammatory. I’ve noticed a big improvement. I only have excema on my feet so the vinegar smell is easier to mask. I mix the ACV in Vaseline or just use my spray bottle.

  3. fiveoffour says:

    I am thankful my eczema is not on my face, but it is definitely on the next worse place. My eczema is right on my upper part of my upper thigh, the fold right where my bum ends and my leg begins. It cleared itself up when I was about 16, and I’m jumping for joy that it has returned….

    I am confused on why this has returned… maybe I lack some vitamins?

    It weeps, and it sticks to my pants and gets all nasty, and rips when I walk. I was convinced I just needed to bandage it, so I picked up super large band-aids, but it weeps so much and then the band-aid peels off….It also doesn’t help that its on the fold of my bum, and when I walk it loosens… I might try picking up talc and some gauze….

    Thanks for the idea, anyway!

    • Oh this sounds so frustrating!! Hard place to have it, reminds me of my neck!! Any creasing I.e. leaning down! Causes it to itch and you can’t prevent such movement!

      Try the talcum powder. Have you tired something antiseptic/antibacterial just to ensure any infectious part is kept clean and doesn’t spread? Weeping eczema can spread from the wet areas to normal skin which is a danger for eczema sufferers!!

      Wish you the best of luck

  4. fortune galgano says:

    i have weeping on the skin of my stomach its a very small hole like a pimple, but it leaks like a water fall has any one had this. what did the doctors due for it. what did you do to stop it

  5. Lulu says:

    This is a really helpful blog. I’ve had eczema when I was a kid, but it was only last year that they really acted up. And I mean REALLY acted up. Though I don’t have any on my face, I have tons of weeping eczema on my legs and arms. :/ It’s really such a pain, aside from them being really itchy, it’s taking a toll on my self esteem ‘coz I have really horrible looking legs now. I haven’t worn a shorts or skirts in the past year :/.

    Anyway, my dermatologist (whom I started seeing only this year) gave me some steroids to treat the wounds and atopiclair lotion to apply when they get itchy. Have you tried that lotion?

    Thanks and hope to read more useful stuff on your blog.

    • Hi Lulu, where are you from? I haven’t heard of that lotion but its worth a try?

      I hope it clears up! Since its on your arms and legs try bathing in Epsom salts? They’re anti bacterial too and will hopefully be good for wounds?

  6. Lun says:

    My eczema was so bad in 2008, I had to take a year out of work. It took that long to clear up. I have it on my face and neck, and had a lot of sleepless nights from the weeping. It just got so hot, as the weeping was on my eyelids, neck, and cheeks. It cleared up as I said, none of the creams, ointments or emollients worked that well, I just learned to let go of the things that were out of my control. However, in recent months something terrible has happened in the family, and the eczema is now back, and over the last few days has just begun to weep in certain areas. I can’t help scratching my face, or if I don’t scratch, I rub. Awful times again.

    • I hope it calms down!! I know what you mean by having to let go of things out of our control and allowing ourselves to just keep calm and breathe, knowing that in the end we will be okay.

      I feel like when I worry/stress/dwell, my eczema flares. Like you face and neck are the worst!! But sometimes I can’t help but worry, worry about my future, my lack of fulfilment etc when I know I should try to relax.

      What do you use for your eczema? I’m glad the time off work helped you, bad things happen and I hope you and your family are okay xxx

  7. Katieh says:

    The thing that has helped me most is a thing called Kineseology… it seems very strange and hippy-like to most – even myself at first but it worked wonders. Another useful thing was cutting out dairy. I find it very distressing as I am an actresss in training an dif i can’t cure it will obviously need a new career. Anyway, Love to youall I hope that helps a little, it is so shitty X

  8. Matt says:

    Hi again,

    Unfortunately I haven’t had time to go out for talcum powder to try as I had a long trip away yesterday. I think the lack of sleep might have aggravated it, as it my whole face was weeping yesterday and was very very sore. Today, after a near on 15 hour sleep, it is all very sore, dried out and angrily red. I have booked in with the doctor for an emergency appointment and shall let you know how it goes. I last went to see the doctor on Monday and I think the creams she gave me to try may have aggravated the situation. I was given an anti-funal cream, Dermol 500 and something for my scalp as it seems to be affecting it too, very dry and flaky. Therefore, I have stuck with using my old routine of Diprobase and vaseline which seems to give it the moisturisation it needs for the moment, though even this combination only lasts enough for a work day and by the time I get home from work it is drying out rapidly.

    Will let you guys know how I get on, the doctor did say it may have to be anti-biotics though on Monday if the treatment of creams she gave me didn’t work. Not that I mind anti-biotocs, infact, my morale is so low that I would try anything to get rid of this flare up and weeping on my face.

  9. Matt says:

    I’m currently getting weeping eczema around my eyelids, top lip and left side of my face. It’s a total pain! I totally agree with what you have said above in your post! Going to definitely try this talcum powder thing but worried that it may sting! Fingers crossed.

    • Weeping is frustrating!! The talc like I said might not look good but it dried mine up, but it need cleared it I’m afraid…perhaps using something anti septic can help keep bacteria from spreading at bay as the worst thing I when the weeping area expands!!

      Your eczema sounds very much like how mine was last year!! Upper lip and side of my face were the main culprits am my cheek literally looked like it had a gash where it was weeping from and it would dry yellow and crust over. Applying my usual creams made it worse and the only thing that would dry it was talc Or cold air!

      Do you find sunlight helps?

    • And don’t worry it doesn’t sting at all!! Just a bit messy, try not to inhale too much as its not good for you! Good luck!

  10. suzi says:

    Hi I’ve suffered frm eczema for the past 15years and I am 21 only now my skin has started to weep, I was addmited to hospital last week for swelling and skin infection so im not to sure if I should try talc. I’m suffering so much but doctors just don’t understand what’s going on people are very unaware of skin conditions and I just wish there was more awareness about eczema and the different types of pain we feel when we are going through our flare Ups. Eczema is all I know I’ve never been able to live a normal life and pray everyday that a cure is found

    • I really empathise with you! Noone ever understands….least of all health professionals who just think steroids and emolient will solve the problems….I personally find the emotional strain of eczema is something that exhausts me the most.

      Once again, I have suffered from a flare-up and am frustrated that nothing I have done has helped to combat it yet or keep it at bay….I am going to continue trying methods to help because I will not accept that eczema is for life!

  11. Abbotts says:

    Oat and Calendula baths might be helpful too and taking atni-allergenic herbs to build up the immune system such as Nettle or Skullcap.

  12. Lovie says:

    My feet get weepy and I use Gold Bond (or a generic) medicated powder. It smells like listerine and I find that if I wear lotion with socks one day, the next day I use more open shoes with no socks and the medicated powder in my shoes. It’s mild but is also antibacterial.

  13. Anjali says:

    Thank-you so much for this tip!!

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